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field hockey Malaga
Malaga field hockey
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Hockey trainingskamp Malaga
Field hockey Malaga

Field Hockey Training Camp Malaga

The field hockey training and matches will be at the water based pitch of Club Deportivo Malaga ’91. Besides playing field hockey, other sports activities can be done here, such as padel tennis, fitness and there is a swimming pool. We can make the arrangements for theses activities. Apart from using the field hockey pitch in Malaga the water based pitch in Benalmadena, a village nearby, could also be used.

At 300 meters from the hockey pitch there is a Hostal, which makes it possible to walk to the field hockey venue.  We also offer a beachfront hotel, in this case you will need to go by bus when going to the hockey pitch.


You can have a guided bike tour in the city for the typical highlights. Or you can enjoy the Picasso museum with shopping and a good dinner in the centre.

If you play a match in Benalmadena, you can enjoy a yoga class, a padelsurf on the beach or have a lunch at a nice little Spanish restaurant. 

Malaga city

Malaga is located at the Mediterranean Sea and is a town known for its terraces, restaurants, sights and extensive nightlife. In February, the average temperature is 19 degrees, and therefore a perfect city during your winter trip.

More information

When interested in a Field Hockey Training Camp or Tour in Malaga, look at our tailor made proposal.

If you look for something more relaxed in the South of Spain, look at field hockey Benalmadena,


Fotografías: Área de Turismo Ayuntamiento de Málaga