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winterstage hockey Cagliari
winterstage hockey Cagliari
hockey Cagliari
Winterstage Cagliari
Winterstage Cagliari

Hockey Training Camp Cagliari

The club has a good water based pitch and a beautiful stand, because it is located in the old football stadium of Cagliari. The hockey facilities offer a fitness center that can be used free of charge. The hotel is from walking distance to the field hockey pitch, which makes it easy to reach.

The city Cagliari

Sardinia is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, with 24.000 square kilometres, which is south from Corsica. The capital Cagliari has 165.00 inhabitants. It is a university city with an airport not far from the centre. The old part of the city centre can be found on a hill, with beautiful views of the Bay of Cagliari. Most ancient city walls from the 11th century are well conserved. Worth seeing are the Cathedral, Basilica, Roman theatre, Botanic gardens and Cittadella del Musei.

They play soccer in the stadium of Cagliari Calcio. Alternately in the two highest divisions of Italy.

You are lucky with the beaches on this island. The largest and most visited beach is Poetto, a 8 km beach only 6 km away from Cagliari. Next to the beach you also find bars and restaurants here. In summer you can have a dance until late in the evening. The Italians love to go here as well.

On the rest of the island you find numerous small sandy bays, surrounded by cliffs and beautifully coloured seawater. The highest peak on the island extends to more than 1.800 meters. Therefore, in the mountains beautiful hiking can be done.

The island has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. So summers can get hot and winters mild. Therefore, Cagliari is an ideal venue for a training camp in winter.


The combination of the city, beach, nature and culture on this island, makes many different kinds of activities possible. Ask one of our members for possibilities.

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