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Field Hockey Training Camp Cadiz

The hockey training will be on the excellent water based pitch of the local field hockey club. An ideal venue for teams who want to play a lot of hockey, even The Dutch women’s field hockey team trained here.

We accommodate our teams in a hotel, located at only 3 km from the hockey pitch.

Here in the winter months there is an average temperature of 17 degrees. These temperatures, together with the pitch and a good hotel nearby, are perfect conditions for a field hockey training camp.

The city Cádiz

Cádiz, a small city in the south of Spain with 120.000 residents, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is entirely surrounded by water. People compare the city with Havana, that’s why it is often called “Little Havana”. This is because of the Malecon, a world-famous boulevard in Havana, which shares many comparisons with the Malecon in Cádiz. Furthermore Cádiz is known for its watchtowers. 

For us Cádiz is typical Spanish, because of its hospitality, which you even find at the hockey club, lovely food, temperatures and people’s temperament. 


If you would like to have a drink in the evening, Cádiz is a perfect place to be, with its terraces and restaurants. There is even a big “fiesta” during Carnival, when people from all over Spain come over to celebrate the event. An ideal way to get to know this party in another culture. 

Furthermore there are the typical bike trips and bus tours, but also surf, padelsurf, sailing and flamingo watching belong to the possibilities. Ask one of our team members for information. 

More information

For some more info about a Field Hockey Training Camp; a tailor made proposal

Interested in another city in the South of Spain for a perfect field hockey training camp, see Seville


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