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Marbella field hockey
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Marbella field hockey camp
field hockey Marbella
Marbella, Spain

Team visit in Marbella 

Field hockey Marbella: one of the most popular resorts at the Costa del Sol, can also call itself the most fashionable resort in Spain. The city is located in the province of Andalusia and is located between Malaga and Gibraltar. Ideal situated for perfect temperatures in winter season.

Characteristic of Marbella is the high number of hours of sunshine per year. Even during the winter it is relatively warm with an average temperature of 17 degrees. Whoever goes to Marbella not only gets a beach, but also a lovely boulevard to stroll along. The boulevard starts in the historic center and ends in the luxury port of the city: Puerto Banus. Along the boulevard you have an enormous amount of restaurants, bars and shops.

Field Hockey Marbella

The nearest hockey pitch is in Benalmadena, a 40-minute drive away. If you prefer to stay in Marbella, you can focus on different team building activities or beach training.


If you prefer to stay closer to the hockey facility, but in the south of Spain, then you choose for a stay in Benalmadena or Malaga.

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