Barcelona Veterans Cup

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Veterans Cup

In June 2018 The Hockey Department will organize the fourth edition of the Barcelona Veterans Cup.
This tournament is meant for club teams playing at an average till high level in the following categories:
men 40+ and women 35+. The tournament will have an international character with teams participating
from diferent countries. In the third edition 17 teams participated. The Barcelona Veterans Cup will be held
this year at the pitches of Pau Negre located at the Olympic mountain Montjuic where we will use
2 very good water based pitches.

Each team will play 6 matches divided over 2 days. Besides the sportive activities there will be time to relax,
enjoy live music and good food. OnĀ  Saturday there will be a cocktail dinner and a party.

For more infomation about the BVC 2018 you can send us an email at