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2025 Barcelona Veterans Cup

On 2025 The Hockey Department will organise the 7th edition of the Barcelona Veterans Cup. An International Field Hockey tournament in Barcelona, Spain. This international field hockey event is meant for club teams playing in the following categories: men 40+ and women 35+. With field hockey teams participating from different countries like Holland, Belgium, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and India.

Besides this international character and different categories, there is regulation for dispensation. This implies the possibility for a maximum of 2 players younger than the age range.

The international field hockey tournament will be at the Real Club de Polo, one of the most iconic clubs in Spain.

Each team will play 5 matches divided over 3 days. Besides the sportive activities, there will be time to relax, enjoy live music and taste Spanish food. On Saturday there will be a cocktail dinner and a party.

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Come and join the 2025 Barcelona Veterans Cup!