by The Hockey Department

Sebastien Dockier: Ambassador of The Hockey Department!

The Hockey Department is happy to announce Sebastien Dockier as her new ambassador.

Sebastien Dockier is one of the most famous strikers of the Belgian Hockey Team. Sebastien started his international hockey career in 2012. From that moment on Sebastien played every tournament for his country. With two times silver at the European Cup of 2013 and 2017 and one silver medal at the Olympic Games of RIO2016 as a milestone.

Sebastien started his career at Mechelse HC but then moved to Herakles, Beerschot and HC Den Bosch. Last year he moved back to Beerschot for one year. For the season 2018-2019 he will be playing for HC Den Bosch back again. With the World Cup ‘18 and the Olympic Games ’20 in prospect, Sebastien is training hard with the Belgian Team to get a good result in both tournaments.

Within The Hockey Department team, Sebastien will be developing and promoting The Hockey Department’s service offering for the Belgian hockey-community.