Club de Campo Madrid Field Hockey Player
by The Hockey Department

John Kinder: UK Ambassador for The Hockey Department!

John Kinder

The Hockey Department is proud to  announce John Kinder as its new Ambassador for the UK.

The UK Field Hockey Tours

With Johnny The Hockey Department welcomes a great name from UK field hockey. He represented his country in all national youth selections.  Johnny won two national titles with Wimbledon. He also reached the final-4 of the 2016 edition of the EHL. Then he played in the National leagues of New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Currently Johnny defends the colours of Club the Campo from Madrid playing in the Spanish Honor Division.

Johnny will be developing and promoting European Field Hockey Tours for UK based Club- and schoolteams.

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About our hockey team

The Hockey Department’s team exists of field hockey members who almost won every medal you can win in field hockey. So our extensive network and field hockey knowledge makes we can put together your best hockey experience.

The Hockey Department organises International Field Hockey Tournaments, Training Camps and Team- and Individual Tours. We organise these Field Hockey events for teams, schools, college teams and individuals of all levels and in different age groups.

We are present in countries in Europe in The Netherlands, like for example in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, etc. Belgium, in Mechelen, Antwerp and Brussels.  Spain, in Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, etc. And in The UK, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Our extensive network reaches from Argentina, Australia to South Africa.